Woman Power

Sex is something that is all over our world, we can’t escape it. Our culture is treating it like it doesn’t mean anything and thats why there are so many problem in America. The sexual abuse rates are extremely high because people feel pressured into sex because they see it everywhere. 1 out of 5 girls will be sexually assaulted, there is no respect for women because society treat them like animals and they let them. They have the reputation for a reason, the women in this country allow themselves to be used making themselves the victims because guys don’t see girls treating themselves with respect so they think why should they. Mostly girls are afraid of what others will think of them or they feel pressured into engaging in something they don’t want to. We need to show girls that they are worth respecting and loving and stop letting society use us for their pleasure.


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This article has a lot to say about the side effects that divorce has on kids. Divorce is a sad and horrible thing for people and we should try to help educate what it means to be in love so marriages can last forever the way God intended. In the public schools they are taught thier sex education and it teaches them the opposite of how to love, it teaches how to uses another. If they taught abstinence in the program there would be less sexaul abuse in the world. Lets start to make a difference now