The Holy Family

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God intends us to save ourselves for marriage. Mary is the example we as women should try to live up to and men should strive to treat women with respect and remain a virgin as well and try to live a virtuous life like St. Joseph and how he treated her with reverence. The family is the most fundamental thing in society and God gave us the Holy family to look up to. We should try to live a life of chastity and follow  the footsteps of Mary and St. Joseph. St. Joseph respected Mary and Jesus and lived to be there provider and protector of there family. He took Mary as his wife even when she was pregnant and the child wasn’t his. He listened to God and obeyed him to look after them for the rest of his life. He is one of the greatest saints and he remained chaste throughout his whole life out of respect for the Mother of God.


Theology of the Body Outline

“The exclusive donation of self to God in virginity and celibacy has deep roots in the theology of the body, in the beginning and in the resurrection of the body. Christ’s reference to heaven indicates a life without marriage in which man and woman find the fullness of personal gift and communion of persons through glorification in eternal union with God. This is where celibacy for the sake of the kingdom is grounded. But there remains an essential between continence in this world and heavenly life.” – FR. ROGER J. LANDRY, SUMMARY OF JOHN PAUL II’S THEOLOGY OF THE BODY
The Theology of the Body was written by St. Pope John Paul II, he wrote it on human sexualtiy and the beauty of it, we should not be ashamed of it, but we should be respectful and follow God’s teaches on the manor. Sex is a gift from God that should be treated with respect, it’s pure love for another. Saving yourself goes a lot further then ” my parents said it’s bad” our virginity is something that is sacred and we share it within a marriage, it is part of the marital bond between man, woman, and God. Our gift is not something we abuse, it is an important gift that we should keep so we can learn the meaning of love and witness what God intends for us.

Words from the Catechism

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us what God intends us to do and to follow his plan for .”God created man in his own image . . . male and female he created them, Be fruitful and multiply. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created.” Jesus came to earth and when he spoke the Sermon on the Mount he clarified the sixth commandment. ” You shall not commit adultery” this not only means don’t have sex with someone who is married but don’t live your life with lust. Lust is one of the seven deadly sins and it tempts us everywhere we go. Sex is on every billboard and tv station, it’s mentioned in every song and shown in every movie. We must strive to live life with chastity, because of original sin we will always struggle but God expects us to overcome it and be faithful. We can’t always be good and we do fail but God gives us the sacrament of confession to allow us to confess our wrong doings and be forgiven if we are truly sorry. God is all loving and merciful, we must acknowledge his power and love and respect him for it. The Catechism is a guide book on the church’s teaches and we should look to it for help and understanding.

CCC Teachings

Catholic Church teaches that we should have some sort of Catholic education in our lives and that kids should be taught. It should be in the schools as a part of life science and show the science behind reproduction and families should strive to teach sex to their children and explain the love involved. Sex is a part of life and kids need to know the science behind it. The Church is a big advocator for supporting the education because sex is not supposed to be look at as a funny, disgusting, or perverted thing. Sex is beautiful and should be looked at with a loving mindset and respected topic. Society makes it hard for us to look at because they degrade it into a lustful thing. We should strive to be mature enough to have a loving mindset while studying the topic.

Influenced by other’s

The education on sex is an issue the Catholic Church struggles with because the public school districts are getting their advice from Planed Parenthood of America which is a non- for profit organization ( people thinks it’s good because they don’t charge) providing reproductive health and maternal and child health services. AKA Planned Parenthood is an organization that gives advice and can provide all the ways to hurt yourself in a relationship but make it sound like they are helping you and they care because you support your sexual life and they want you to come to them for any solutions. The public schools look to them to educate our nation’s youth, thats why we have so many STD’s, teenage pregnancies, abortions, gays/lesbians/transgenders, and all the teenage girls on birth control.  The Catholic church teaches us to remain abstinent until marriage, the reason being is because we as humans are not mature enough for a sexual relationship until we are married because then it is just us using the other. Marriage represents the unity of two people in love with each other and God to start a family. Thats why sex is called making love, it’s purpose is o be used within a marriage and to procreate. All the advice Planed Parenthood gives us is how to end up being used and feel like we are nothing. They treat sex as a fun activity, they say it’s a healthy part of life and normal. They are right about that but it’s meant to be held within  a marriage. When Adam and Eve fell the human race was burden with struggles in life, one of them being lust. Lust is a common thing that everyone has to fight, God expects us to fight it and therefore we should be taught to stay strong and keep that promise. We should not conform with society just because they are teaching us to be sexually active with anyone. We need to stay strong and speak out about the truth and how we need to properly educate our youth in America.

Being Positive

Sex needs to be educated in the right way because the modern way of thinking is to do it with someone you love, but then people start falling in love with as many people as they want. I believe that when you meet the right person the love for that one won’t even compare to the others you so called loved. Then you already gave your virginity away to someone you didn’t truly love. Sex is messy I see it mess with peoples minds and destroy relationships because it’s not used properly. The marriage rate of couples staying together who wait until marriage and use nfp is 98%. In my opinion the stats speak for themselves. We need to learn how to abstain and be fruitful in our actions and stay strong and not let society make decisions for us.

Woman Power

Sex is something that is all over our world, we can’t escape it. Our culture is treating it like it doesn’t mean anything and thats why there are so many problem in America. The sexual abuse rates are extremely high because people feel pressured into sex because they see it everywhere. 1 out of 5 girls will be sexually assaulted, there is no respect for women because society treat them like animals and they let them. They have the reputation for a reason, the women in this country allow themselves to be used making themselves the victims because guys don’t see girls treating themselves with respect so they think why should they. Mostly girls are afraid of what others will think of them or they feel pressured into engaging in something they don’t want to. We need to show girls that they are worth respecting and loving and stop letting society use us for their pleasure.


“Marriage, in the eyes of God, is a beautiful thing that is supposed to bring two souls, two virgins, together and make one.” -anonymous

Society needs to see the point of marriage, everyone craves love  it’s in our nature but we need to be educated on how to use it in the right way because today most people are looking to be loved but the question is are they loving back. We must love one another and sacrifice and care for eachother because thats what love is. In order to form a relationship with someone we must learn to love them and pray to God that you keep him involved with every relationship you make especially marriage because it’s a vow made between a man, a woman and God. There relationship was formed to love one another and they must honor the vow they made by sacrificing for the.

Healthy Marriages

A marriage has a lot of needs to make it healthy but since in my past blogs I kinda sorta put sex down now I want to raise it up. Sex is  beautiful, it’s a gift from God. Sex allows husband and wife to express their love for one another and procreate. The church acknowledge sex as a part of marriage and they support the sex relationship in the marriage, thats why they created NFP. It stands for Natural Family Planning it’s a way that couples can learn how to avoid or achieve pregnancy and it allows you to have a mature relationship and be open with your spouse and include God in every decision you make in your marriage.

article news

This article has a lot to say about the side effects that divorce has on kids. Divorce is a sad and horrible thing for people and we should try to help educate what it means to be in love so marriages can last forever the way God intended. In the public schools they are taught thier sex education and it teaches them the opposite of how to love, it teaches how to uses another. If they taught abstinence in the program there would be less sexaul abuse in the world. Lets start to make a difference now