Theology of the Body Outline

“The exclusive donation of self to God in virginity and celibacy has deep roots in the theology of the body, in the beginning and in the resurrection of the body. Christ’s reference to heaven indicates a life without marriage in which man and woman find the fullness of personal gift and communion of persons through glorification in eternal union with God. This is where celibacy for the sake of the kingdom is grounded. But there remains an essential between continence in this world and heavenly life.” – FR. ROGER J. LANDRY, SUMMARY OF JOHN PAUL II’S THEOLOGY OF THE BODY
The Theology of the Body was written by St. Pope John Paul II, he wrote it on human sexualtiy and the beauty of it, we should not be ashamed of it, but we should be respectful and follow God’s teaches on the manor. Sex is a gift from God that should be treated with respect, it’s pure love for another. Saving yourself goes a lot further then ” my parents said it’s bad” our virginity is something that is sacred and we share it within a marriage, it is part of the marital bond between man, woman, and God. Our gift is not something we abuse, it is an important gift that we should keep so we can learn the meaning of love and witness what God intends for us.


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