Words From Experience

I used to be one of those stubborn people/ still am who hated the chastity talks because I would hear them from people who were either virgins or they waited till marriage and I got so annoyed because I thought the were just wanting everyone to know that they stayed chaste and did the right thing, it drove me crazy, I felt that I didn’t take the talk seriously and I thought they were losers. Listening to a talk like that does not make me want to be like them. I always wanted to hear from someone who had experience and could really tell me the truth and honestly scare me by just being honest. If you like me then please watch the video that I posted a few blogs ago and watch Crystalina Evert talk about her past and how hard it was for her and how she regrets all of it. When I first read her book when I was in middle school I really listened to what she had to say and I understood why it’s important to be chaste.


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