teen relationships

Every teens wants to date someone, it’s the feeling of being liked. The flattery is so tempting for us to fall for the other, how could we refuse . I’m not telling you to not date in high school! What I want to say if we just need to be careful. I think it’s great when teens date, I was talking to a priest and he advised me to date every guy I saw. Meaning get to know what you like because you’ll never know until you see. We should always make sure to be with someone we trust and make sure we trust ourselves. Sometimes for some it takes longer to grow in maturity and their not ready for a relationship. We are so young and naive at times that we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into. We need to make sure we are not taken advantage of. Boys and girls are guilty of abuse on the other. Dating with grace is something that every relationship should have. Healthy relationships help make each other better people and that’s what relationships are about, how to make the other a better person. Make sure to bring out the best in the other.  Teen_dating


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