We Deserve Better

The media shows us the glorious moments that they want us to see. The media shows us the happy side of the story. It is very uncommon for people to remain chaste before they are married, we are challenge to say know and it is hard but not impossible. God gives us the grace to say no, he expects us do stay strong. We turn on the TV or read a magazine that makes sure to talk about sex. They shove it in our faces, it’s everywhere we must learn to live a life of virtue because that’s what will make us happy. So many relationships are based on sex and then they get married and their marriage falls apart because they never loved each other they loved the pleasure the other gave them. Love is not something we should mess with because it is us giving ourselves to another and when we don’t take it seriously we tend to hurt ourselves in a way that we feel like we do not deserve anyone. That is never the case, we ALWAYS deserve to be loved!


Stay Strong

We all know that if he just wants sex then he’s no good but the funny thing is were not perfect. It’s just not that easy! If you really like someone and they want you to go farther the chances of you agreeing are pretty high. It’s how were made, we have passions and flaws that we have to control. If you say no then be strong if they are pushy then you need to get out of the relationship. Teens feel pressured that they will lose the person that they were seeing but it’s better then hurting yourself.

teen relationships

Every teens wants to date someone, it’s the feeling of being liked. The flattery is so tempting for us to fall for the other, how could we refuse . I’m not telling you to not date in high school! What I want to say if we just need to be careful. I think it’s great when teens date, I was talking to a priest and he advised me to date every guy I saw. Meaning get to know what you like because you’ll never know until you see. We should always make sure to be with someone we trust and make sure we trust ourselves. Sometimes for some it takes longer to grow in maturity and their not ready for a relationship. We are so young and naive at times that we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into. We need to make sure we are not taken advantage of. Boys and girls are guilty of abuse on the other. Dating with grace is something that every relationship should have. Healthy relationships help make each other better people and that’s what relationships are about, how to make the other a better person. Make sure to bring out the best in the other.  Teen_dating