Everyone loves to party, getting drunk, playing music, talking with friends, and getting high. All these things depend on the environment you put yourself in, we should be aware of the crowds we hang out with and make sure to be with people we trust and make sure we trust ourselves because I think everyone in their lifetime say they’ll never do something like that and of course they do it. If certain situations get to be to much for us then we need to get out or tell the ones who are acting out to go because thats not fair to hurt others while hurting yourself. We also need to be aware if were the ones causing the hurting, we need to realize if we are leading others to sin and again I think at some point each of us have or will in their life.


2 thoughts on “Parties

  1. Great post Jessie! It’s a good point that oftentimes people have too much confidence in themselves, saying that they would NEVER do something. Just being in the wrong situation with the wrong people can be enough temptation to break down any walls a person THINKS they put up. So never be too prideful about your own self-control…. just remove yourself from the occasion of sin!


  2. I love this! I agree that one must be aware of the situations they’re putting themselves in, and whether it’s safe or not. You could talk about “Near-Occasion Sin,” since we are constantly talking about it in class.


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