“safe sex”

Hi, I wanted to add to the last post I made and talk about the same article. I noticed that in the article it kept saying that there gonna teach “safe sex”, I thought what is safe sex? I talked with one of my friends and she is having sex in high school, she comes from a broken home and she just wants someone to care for her. She feels that if she sleeps with guys they will care for her. Every time she does it with another guy they just ignore her and she ends up hurting herself. Is it because she is on birth control or using a condom it’s safe? I don’t see why that is the meaning of “safe sex”. My friend hurts herself every time she makes a mistake and it is only because she wants someone to care for her. I think safe sex would mean you are having it within a marriage because you make a promise and the actions are how you profess your love for one another. Safe sex should not be how to prevent yourself from getting pregnant or STD’s, there are other consequences that hurt yourself and it’s not wroth it, every time my friend made the mistake she regretted it but she kept falling for it because she thought the next time he would care.


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