Hi I’m Jessie and I found this article on sex education in America’s public schools and I thought it was interesting how society teaches students safe sex when sex belongs in a marriage. Marriage was created by God to pro-create and when people have sex out of wedlock they are abusing the gift that God gave us. Sex is a beautiful thing that should be treated as something sacred. The school are teaching kids to have safe sex which helps the prevent from getting pregnant and not getting sexual transmitted disease but we would not have to worry about STD’s if people would only have sex with one other person. Kids feel so pressured now a days to have sex and if they don’t they are considered losers, we should not have to feel bad if were not having sex, it should be something that we should be happy about, happy we have respect for ourselves and those of who want to wait are waiting to share themselves with one other and it is the person who loves them.




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