The link I posted about the girl writing about her and her husband on their wedding night having sex for the first time she explains that the media makes sex out to be something it’s not. They make you think that everything has to be sexy and dirty, sex is supper exciting but it’s not this sexy dirty thing, we should not feel threatened by it. It is something that is beautiful and we give ourselves to our spouse it’s the sacrament of marriage between two people and God.



Everyone loves to party, getting drunk, playing music, talking with friends, and getting high. All these things depend on the environment you put yourself in, we should be aware of the crowds we hang out with and make sure to be with people we trust and make sure we trust ourselves because I think everyone in their lifetime say they’ll never do something like that and of course they do it. If certain situations get to be to much for us then we need to get out or tell the ones who are acting out to go because thats not fair to hurt others while hurting yourself. We also need to be aware if were the ones causing the hurting, we need to realize if we are leading others to sin and again I think at some point each of us have or will in their life.

Just Be Smart And Be There

Teens always feel the need to look cool and do what everyone else is doing, stand tall and be strong, if people make fun of you because your not drinking or doing drugs or having sex just ignore it. I’m not telling you to not be friends with them but if you are there friend help them to make the best decision and show them how they are hurting themselves. Make sure not to surround yourself in difficult situation where you can cause yourself to get hurt.

advice from someone who knows

I found this article from a girl who wrote about how her and her husband both saved themselves for marriage. The article gives her reason for why she saved herself and any thoughts or excuses people use for not saving themselves, she doesn’t condemn anyone which I like, she doesn’t care how people choose their lifestyles she just gives her input on sex being so beautiful and how it is so special when it is with the one you love.


Everyone is pressured into one thing or another that they don’t want to do. Teens feel very pressured to have sex because they think it’s cool and everyone is doing it, the excuse I always hear is “it’s good experience” for what marriage??? If everyone saved sex for marriage then there would not such a big hype about it. Entertainment pushes sex that it is normal and we think in our heads that it is normal and we should all be doing it, if my favorite TV characters are having sex and there in love then why can’t that be the same for me. The answer is it’s not REAL! TV and movies are make believe stories that show you what they want themselves to see we as teens need to look sat the mirage of things and overcome our struggles.

“safe sex”

Hi, I wanted to add to the last post I made and talk about the same article. I noticed that in the article it kept saying that there gonna teach “safe sex”, I thought what is safe sex? I talked with one of my friends and she is having sex in high school, she comes from a broken home and she just wants someone to care for her. She feels that if she sleeps with guys they will care for her. Every time she does it with another guy they just ignore her and she ends up hurting herself. Is it because she is on birth control or using a condom it’s safe? I don’t see why that is the meaning of “safe sex”. My friend hurts herself every time she makes a mistake and it is only because she wants someone to care for her. I think safe sex would mean you are having it within a marriage because you make a promise and the actions are how you profess your love for one another. Safe sex should not be how to prevent yourself from getting pregnant or STD’s, there are other consequences that hurt yourself and it’s not wroth it, every time my friend made the mistake she regretted it but she kept falling for it because she thought the next time he would care.

Hi I’m Jessie and I found this article on sex education in America’s public schools and I thought it was interesting how society teaches students safe sex when sex belongs in a marriage. Marriage was created by God to pro-create and when people have sex out of wedlock they are abusing the gift that God gave us. Sex is a beautiful thing that should be treated as something sacred. The school are teaching kids to have safe sex which helps the prevent from getting pregnant and not getting sexual transmitted disease but we would not have to worry about STD’s if people would only have sex with one other person. Kids feel so pressured now a days to have sex and if they don’t they are considered losers, we should not have to feel bad if were not having sex, it should be something that we should be happy about, happy we have respect for ourselves and those of who want to wait are waiting to share themselves with one other and it is the person who loves them.